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Seasons greetings everyone! I hope all is well with those of you who've remained my watchers. I miss the people part of this site. Anyways, I thought I’d write a journal now before I forget about this site again (I forgot about thanksgiving and Halloween). I see that improvement has been made to the front page of DA (sadly, the other areas are the same if you know what I mean). And bonus, I wasn’t attacked by a re-direct Ad this time. I was reluctant to log-in today.   

Good news: I still draw once in a while. In fact, I've hit a plateau where I really need more formal training if I want to get better. I'll see what I can do about that. Bad news: Artician has temporarily stopped accepting art submits; their site is out of space. This leaves me with blogger and its not-so-good jpg color changes *cringe*. I haven’t drawn much this year, not compared to when I was on DA, but I did make fan art for How to Train your Dragon 2 and the Hunger Games.

I got lots of reading done this year. My hours must be around 600 for the year (it used to be a lot less). You’d think this would improve my writing but it doesn't. I really have to park myself in my chair and write more; that's the only way I'll get better. Btw, I’m giving the Game of Thrones series a second chance. I gave up on it fast the last time but so many people rave about it. I hope I can get through it. Is it really going to be worth dragging myself through it?

Ho Ho Ho *jingle bells*


Hi, I've left DA.
Thanks for all the support over the years.
I've moved to:
I'm also on Blogger (the colors aren't so good there):

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